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President’s Comments

 I’ll start by getting a couple of disappointments off my chest before reporting some good news:

As stated in my letter of 7th September 2019 to all members of The Club: I was extremely disappointed that your Committee had to decide to cancel all of the weekend matches that Fixture Secretary, Phil Zscherpel, had arranged for the current season.

Secondly, again as reported in my letter, Ben Butlin has volunteered to run The Club Competitions. My disappointment is the lack of entries for those competitions. At the time of writing, it looks like we will only be running Men’s Competitions this season.  There are no entries at all for Ladies’ Competitions and too few entries for the mixed competitions for them to be run. I took the step to extend the entry date in the hope that more members could be encouraged to enter the competitions.

Now for the Good News: Doris Wellstead has kindly volunteered to fill the vacant Club Captain position for next season; Thank You Doris. So, it does look like we will be able to play weekend friendly matches and Doris and Phil Zscherpel will be meeting soon to agree a fixture list. However, in the very few replies I received to my letters to all members last season, it was a common theme that the workload for everything that is involved in organising these matches, is too much for one person. So, if the weekend friendly matches are to continue into the future, your Committee believes Doris will need some help. It would be very nice indeed if someone could step forward to fill the vacancy of Vice Captain. In any event, we will need members to offer their help, for home matches, in matters such as organising the raffles, setting up and putting away the tables and chairs, making the teas and washing up etc. We are not looking for the same members to undertake these tasks for the whole season, but if enough volunteers come forward it may only be necessary for any individual member to be involved on very few occasions each season. Of course, perhaps apart from the making of the teas, those members will still be able to play in the matches. So, if you want the weekend fixtures to continue, please let your Committee know that you are willing to help on, say, 2 occasions during a season   

Finally, a word on the Club Charity for the 2019/20 Season:  Your Committee has chosen Willen Hospice to benefit from the Club’s fundraising this season.  As, again, stated in my letter, the Charity Day will be on Sunday, 5th January when there will be a match between the President’s Team versus The Vice President’s Team.  It is pleasing that a good number of members have put their name down to play and Ken Meadley and I will now select the Teams so that they can be posted on the Notice Board before we adjourn for the Christmas break.  In response to numerous requests I will again be providing Chorley Cakes and a fruit hamper for the “Predict the Result “Competition on the Charity Day.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and good bowling in the New Year.

 Alan Brindle President


Treasurer’s Treatise

                                FEES FOR THE 2019 - 20 SEASON                                              

                 Membership £5.00 Per person (reduced fee for 2019/20 Season)               
                 Lockers £5.00 Per locker                    
                 League Registration Fee £6.00 Per team for Rinks              
  £5.00 £4.00 Per team for Triples Per Team for Pairs              
                 League Match Fees £2.50 Per person for Rinks (£10.00 per Team)              
  £2.50 Per person for Triples (£7.50 per Team)              
  £2.50 Per person for Pairs (£5.00 per team)                
                 Competition Entry Fees £3.00 Per person, per competition entered              
                 Competition Game Fees (Excluding Semi-final Games)                  
  £2.50 Per person, per game of singles              
  £2.50 Per person, per game of Pairs (£5.00 per Team)              
  £2.50 Per person, per game of Triples (£7.50 per Team)              
  £2.50 Per person, per game of Rinks (£10.00 per Team)              
                 Competition Semi-final Games (These are " Full Games “)                  
  £5.00 Singles. Per person, per game.              
  £5.00 Pairs. Per person, per game (£10.00 per Team)              
  £5.00 Triples. Per Person, per game (£15.00 per Team)              

          Competition Finals                                 £0            No rink fees payable                                                
          Home Matches                         £5.00       per person Tea & Biscuits

Jan Maddock.  Treasurer


Monday Afternoon League Report

 As at nine games into the season (18/11/2019) we have a clear leader at the top of the table with 18 points. Well done to John Howlett and his squad for not losing any games so far and having a shot difference of plus 135. There is a long way to go and many teams are still in with a shout. No team is without points on the board.
Unfortunately, there have been two instances of a shots deduction for not fielding a complete team. The captains of all the teams concerned would agree I am sure, that it did not affect the overall result of these matches. On one occasion two players from one team went awol. We drafted in an “emergency” member who had just turned up looking for a team. Thankfully a game was able to be completed and all players got their bowls “fix” for the afternoon. Derek Storey

More Than Just A Website

 Many of you would have visited the new Club website at . I wanted to take this opportunity to explain that what you see is just the tip of the iceberg - there’s a lot more going on underneath.

The website is supplied by a company called League Republic (LR) based in Wolverhampton. You can check out their site here and see what other sports clubs, including bowls clubs, use their administration system. Administration system? You may well ask. Let me try to explain.

Earlier this year we faced some serious problems in recruiting new officers to replace those that were standing down after many years of faithful service.  Luckily some of those positions have now been filled and the Club can continue, albeit without our weekend games.

It occurred to me that if technology could help take some of the work from the officers, then the jobs would not be so arduous. Above all there was a need to distribute the workload so that it did not all fall to one person. The LR system goes some way to fulfilling this objective.

In August the Club committee voted to take a year’s trial of the LR Gold plan that lets us use our own domain name -, is advert free and allows a lot more flexibility of the website. The plan has a restriction of 25 teams, hence so far, we have only the Monday Afternoon and Tuesday Evening Leagues showing all the scheduled matches, results and tables on the site.

One immediate benefit is that the Monday and Tuesday league administrators; me and Ben Butlin respectively, can log into the site and update the day’s scores from our individual computers. The statistics and league tables get updated automatically for immediate viewing on the website.  No need for us as league secretaries to input our league results into a spreadsheet, re-calculate team positions, create a pdf, send an email to the website person, who then uploads to the website. It all happens at the same time, involves only one person and the information is displayed on a page in the site without having to download anything

As well as displaying results the LR system manages match scheduling. League match schedules can be uploaded onto the system, or the system can work them out, including rink allocation

There are also facilities within the LR system to manage our club memberships and to communicate with its members. Just as league secretaries may change league results and schedules, team managers can change their own team squad and individual players can change their contact details. Also included within our LR system is the ability to send emails to groups of registered members - all subject to GDPR rules of course. And so, it goes on. Player registration, subscription payments online, knock out competitions, all in there somewhere. Only the tip of the iceberg used so far.

So get yourself onto your club website at click on the “SIGN IN” on the top menu and create a log in for yourself to see what you can do on the site. If there is something you would like to see on the website - for instance a “For Sale” page, or any other suggestions just let me know.  Derek Storey

Ted Sumner Memorial Trophy

The Ted Sumner Memorial Trophy was contested on Sunday 24th November and was again a great success. The winners were John Howlett, Jan Errington and Jim Walker. Ken Pymm



Dates to Remember

Presentation of cheque to Willen Hospice. Sunday 2nd Feb 2020. Ladies v Gents match. 
Club Competitions Finals weekend 8th & 9th April 2020.
Presentation Evening at St Martins BC Friday 17th April 2020
AGM at St Martins BC on Tuesday 28th July 2020.


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