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We are pleased to announce that for the forthcoming season we have been able to retain the same Membership and match fees as 2018/19 

B. I. B. C. FEES FOR THE  2019/20 SEASON

Membership                            £20.00     Per person  - Download Membership Form from here

Lockers                                     £5.00     Per locker 

League Registration Fees           £6.00      Per team for Rinks

                                                £5.00      Per team for Triples

                                                £4.00      Per team for Pairs

League Match Fees                    £2.50      Per person for Rinks (£10.00 per Team)

                                                £2.50      Per person for Triples (£7.50 per Team)

 Competition Entry Fees            £3.00      Per person, per competition entered

Competition Game Fees (Excluding Final Games)

    £2.50           Per person, per game of Singles

    £2.50           Per person, per game of Pairs (£5.00 per Team)

    £2.50           Per person, per game of Triples (£7.50 per Team)

    £2.50           Per person, per game of Rinks (£10.00 per Team)

 Competition Finals  No rink fees payable for Competition Finals

 Home Match Fees

   £5.00     Per person for games with “Tea & Biscuits “

   £8.00     Per person for games with a Buffet Meal

   £10.00   Per person for games with a Hot Meal

 Away Match Fees    

   £12.00   Per person where Car Transport is used

   £20.00   Per person where Coach Transport is provided



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